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The History of Obsession

When I was eight years old, my parents went on vacation. I do not remember where they went, or how long they were gone, only that it was more then a weekend. My brother Max and I were left with … Continue reading

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Places to Write: Bellingham (WA)

We moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Bellingham, WA, about six months ago. When we first arrived we worked and wrote largely from home, because our new apartment has an office, and is much nicer than the bug infested one bedroom … Continue reading

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On Garlic Farming and Other Hobbies

I don’t usually talk about anything besides writing on this blog. This is not how I behave in real life, thankfully. Instead I spend my time discussing recipes, or my adorable nieces and awesome nephew, or hiking. . . I … Continue reading

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Journals, 5 Year Diaries, and 750 Words

As a child I never kept journals. Whenever I did daily writing it was almost always of the creative variety.  Journals were something I was given every year for Christmas and my birthday from various relatives and friends. I think … Continue reading

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American Bloomsbury: Book Review

I picked up American Bloomsbury at a library sale for 50 cents. As far as books go that is not much of a commitment. I was intrigued less by the subject matter and more by the author. Susan Cheever teaches … Continue reading

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Finish Line

In school you know that your essay will be as good as it will ever be on the day it is due. After you hand it in you will move on to future essays, that may be better or worse. … Continue reading

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Writing At Home & Ritual

For years I wrote in coffee shops, often twice a day, with a gym and lunch break in between. Then I started commuting to work in Manhattan and the idea of writing in a crowded coffee shop instead of spending … Continue reading

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To MFA, or not to MFA?

I have a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. I loved Sarah Lawrence. The Professors truly helped me improve and explore as a writer. I used my degree to start down a career path … Continue reading

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Places to Write: Brooklyn (III)

In case you missed earlier posts, I have written about writing in coffee shops in Brooklyn twice before, here and here. However due to strange luck two more excellent coffee shops have been discovered within walking distance of our apartment … Continue reading

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Man Convicted of Killing Wife Second Time

I started reading Peter Pereira last year. His books are well written and organized, but I must honestly confess that due to personal bias, I am most attracted to his poems about language. Even though he is so well known … Continue reading

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