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The Poetry Marathon Plan – 2016

This year I have a very different plan for The Poetry Marathon. Usually I challenge myself to write poems of a certain length, but this year I am having a different approach. This may go well, or it may go … Continue reading

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Salmon, Raspberries, and Marathons (oh my!)

Last year I did a half Marathon for the first time during The Poetry Marathon. I was seven or eight months pragnent at the time, so the full marathon was not logistically possible. I found myself luxuriating in the opportunity … Continue reading

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On Writing, Motherhood, and Balance

This essay (of sorts) is going to be flawed and incomplete. I am warning all readers of this in advance, so no one can complain at the end. I became a mother 9 months ago and because I am a … Continue reading

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Poetry, Popularity, and Image

Ever since I realized poetry was a niche market, I have wanted to make it less of one.  Of course I cannot change that on my own, but if I can do anything to make poetry a little more accessible … Continue reading

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Writing Group

I have been a member of a variety of writing groups for the last ten years. I was a member of an university associated writing group with a semi open door policy, a ‘secret writing group’, groups with a strong … Continue reading

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The History of Obsession

When I was eight years old, my parents went on vacation. I do not remember where they went, or how long they were gone, only that it was more then a weekend. My brother Max and I were left with … Continue reading

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Places to Write: Bellingham (WA)

We moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Bellingham, WA, about six months ago. When we first arrived we worked and wrote largely from home, because our new apartment has an office, and is much nicer than the bug infested one bedroom … Continue reading

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On Garlic Farming and Other Hobbies

I don’t usually talk about anything besides writing on this blog. This is not how I behave in real life, thankfully. Instead I spend my time discussing recipes, or my adorable nieces and awesome nephew, or hiking. . . I … Continue reading

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Acceptance Can Be Dissapointing

When I first started submitting my work to journals, I already had a good idea of what to expect.  I had previously been the poetry co-editor of Lumina, a literary journal. I had already sent out almost a thousand rejections. … Continue reading

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Journals, 5 Year Diaries, and 750 Words

As a child I never kept journals. Whenever I did daily writing it was almost always of the creative variety.  Journals were something I was given every year for Christmas and my birthday from various relatives and friends. I think … Continue reading

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