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Omnivorous Reader

I have been accused of being an indiscriminate reader. While in graduate school, friends teased me about reading the Twilight books years earlier. I had read them because I wanted to see what my younger cousins were addicted to. I … Continue reading

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On Garlic Farming and Other Hobbies

I don’t usually talk about anything besides writing on this blog. This is not how I behave in real life, thankfully. Instead I spend my time discussing recipes, or my adorable nieces and awesome nephew, or hiking. . . I … Continue reading

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American Bloomsbury: Book Review

I picked up American Bloomsbury at a library sale for 50 cents. As far as books go that is not much of a commitment. I was intrigued less by the subject matter and more by the author. Susan Cheever teaches … Continue reading

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Favorite Journals

I read a fair amount of journals and I am constantly reviewing new ones for publication so this list is subject to change. I could probably post a new one every couple months.  However the following journals all deserve, at … Continue reading

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