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I read a fair amount of journals and I am constantly reviewing new ones for publication so this list is subject to change. I could probably post a new one every couple months.  However the following journals all deserve, at the very least, a brief visit. The journals are listed in no particular order. I do not list any of the really well known journals, because honestly, you probably know them all ready.

Disclaimer: Some of the following journals have published my work, some have rejected my work, others I have never submitted to.

1. Neon

Neon is based in the United Kingdom. They are a primarily online journal, although recently they have started to make print editions. One of the wonderful things about Neon is that they do a great job of pairing writing with photographs. Another wonderful thing is that they have an apocalyptic leaning in the writing they choose.

2. Tuesday: An Art Project

Tuesday is not just a poetry journal, it also has photographs and prints, all on lovely paper, bound creatively. You can really tell that the editor is a bookmaker, with good taste.

3. Going Down Swinging

Going Down Swinging is a terrific Australian print journal that manages to feature all sorts of styles of writing without compromising on quality. They do not limit themselves by valuing one school of writing over another, they seem to think only of the content and of the ideas. Not only is the writing great, Going Down Swinging is beautiful, often including well chosen art work and wonderful covers. The CD that come with it is yet another bonus.

4.  Cochella Review

An online literary journal that includes some of my favorite fiction writing. Particularly the completely absorbing short story Push, by Emma Aernes.

5. Menacing Hedge

There is a lot going for Menacing Hedge, a new Seattle based e-journal, the writing is well chosen, there are multiple poems from most contributes, and it is an easy to use website, one of my favorite features is Scary Bush

6. Dr Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure

I love lively literary journals. The tone of this themed journal is impeccable.

7. The Found Poetry Review

Not all poetry is written from scratch. An excellent and esthetically appealing e-journal.

8. Misjudge Your Limits

A wonderful e-zine. British, diverse, with lots of lovely writing.

9. A cappella Zoo

Available both as an e-journal and in print, this journal focuses on works of Magic Realism.  There are many wonderful works on this site, but I recommend starting out with an excerpt from the Human Suit series by Jessica Young.

10. Rock & Sling

A print journal of faith. Well balanced. Intelligent.

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