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What I Learned from Writing a Novel in 3 Days

Nine years ago I heard about the 3 Day Novel Writing Contest for the first time. At that point I’d already done NaNoWriMo, NaPoMo, and Script Frenzy, and the idea of writing a novel in three days, even if it … Continue reading

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The Poetry Marathon Plan – 2016

This year I have a very different plan for The Poetry Marathon. Usually I challenge myself to write poems of a certain length, but this year I am having a different approach. This may go well, or it may go … Continue reading

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Salmon, Raspberries, and Marathons (oh my!)

Last year I did a half Marathon for the first time during The Poetry Marathon. I was seven or eight months pragnent at the time, so the full marathon was not logistically possible. I found myself luxuriating in the opportunity … Continue reading

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On Writing, Motherhood, and Balance

This essay (of sorts) is going to be flawed and incomplete. I am warning all readers of this in advance, so no one can complain at the end. I became a mother 9 months ago and because I am a … Continue reading

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My First Half Marathon

Four years ago now, I came up with this crazy idea for a poetry marathon, a day when poets wrote 24 poems in 24 hours. I googled it to see if it already existed so that I could participate. Since … Continue reading

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On Faith, Writing, and a Specific Apocalypse

Humans dream again, repurpose a barn, carry light in their pockets. Maybe the god they waited for isn’t coming, but at least they are happy. Jennifer MacBain-Stephens The above quote is the last paragraph from a review of my chapbook … Continue reading

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The World of Literary Journals is Changing

In December I prepared to submit to a favorite literary journal. One I have purchased on many occasions. One I was planning to buy a subscription to. However, they had a warning up that they would respond to all submissions … Continue reading

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Two Reviews of Incident Reports

Two reviews of my chapbook have been published recently. One by the wonderful poet Kelly Boyker was published in Menacing Hedge. The other is by Christopher Frost for Neon Magazine. I am afraid I do not know anything more about … Continue reading

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Incident Reports

My second chapbook, Incident Reports, was released today. The best place that you can buy it is on the Hyacinth Girl Press website. This chapbook is about a possible apocalypse. The word apocalypse is used all the time these days. … Continue reading

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A Quick Note on Long Marathons

I have been traveling and very busy. However today I removed the poetry marathon poems. It was so strange to remove the effort of so much work. Although really all I am doing is making something that was public in … Continue reading

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