The Poetry Marathon Plan – 2016

This year I have a very different plan for The Poetry Marathon. Usually I challenge myself to write poems of a certain length, but this year I am having a different approach. This may go well, or it may go horribly wrong.

Jacob often tells writers that doing The Poetry Marathon is like writing a chapbook in a day, and it really is like that in some ways. Most chapbooks are not even 24 poems long. However my favorite chapbooks are always thematically linked. Most of the poems I write during the marathon having nothing in common with each other.

That is about to change. This year all of my poems will be written about a theme, and connect directly to the title of the chapbook.

The title of the chapbook and the theme is – The Ways We Go Missing.

I am not going to reveal anymore about it before the marathon itself, but I am rather excited to start writing.


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