Places to Write: Brooklyn (III)

In case you missed earlier posts, I have written about writing in coffee shops in Brooklyn twice before, here and here. However due to strange luck two more excellent coffee shops have been discovered within walking distance of our apartment since I last wrote about working at coffee shops.


492 6th Ave (between 13th St & 12th St)

Forty-Weight coffee is a cafe located in a restaurant called Sweetwolf. The two separate businesses have an arrangement so that the cafe is open seven days a week from 7 till 3:30, then the restaurant is open at night. At first this seemed confusing to me, but it actually works really well in practice. The restaurant also serves lunch in the afternoons at the cafe, every day but Monday. However that is very low key. More people just have a coffee or a pastry. The diners and the lap top workers are all seated in the same area, often on the same table because the cafe is dominated by two pleasant communal tables.  The restaurant has a wood burning oven, that is on all afternoon, so if your sitting in the back of the cafe, you get a nice fire to look at. The front of the cafe is all windows and flooded with light. The whole place is well decorated and very peaceful. The coffee is amazing. It isn’t cheep though. French press is 2.25 per cup, and the amazing pour over is 3$’s and up. But both are worth every penny, because the beans are always exceptional. Forty-Weight is primarily a small batch roasting company (nine pounds at a time) in Ithaca, NY. This is the only cafe location but they sell to other coffee shops and bars. One of the partners in the business roasts the beans and the other (Matt) runs the shop. Everyone who works here is friendly and wonderful, not to name names or anything. I noticed glancing over the Yelp reviews that everyone praises the people who work here, and with good reason. Not only are they great at making coffee but they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in New York.

Steeplechase Coffee Shop

3013 Fort Hamilton Pkwy (between 3rd St & 2nd St)

Steeplechase is in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. It is on a busy street, but the front windows let in lots of light, and there is another small window near the back. No real views, but lots of light. It also has two comfy chairs that are well positioned in terms of light. Lot’s of tables too. It never seems to get too packed.  The french press coffee I had was not worth writing home about. It is a nice quite place to work.





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