Killer Verse

Killer Verse is an anthology of poems about murder and Mayham. It was edited by the poets Kurt Brown and Harold Schechter, for Everyman’s Library, which is published by Knopf. It is a great, varied anthology that includes formal versed, rhyming poems, and free ranging, non fiction work. Parts of it are Victorian in taste, portions clearly noir, several poems are more about the words then the content, and a few are about the actual violence involved in murder. It is a great collection that includes W.H. Auden, Mark Dotty, Frank Bidart, Marie Howe, and others. It also includes two poems of mine, one about Denise Naslund, the other about Eleanor Rose Naslund. Denise was one of the victims of Bundy, Eleanor Rose was her mother. I am proud for both poems to be part of such a lovely, hardback edition. The book comes out today, September the 6th, and I highly encourage you to obtain a copy.

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