Places to Write: Brooklyn, Part II

There are some new  wonderful coffee shops in Brooklyn (Park Slope to be specific) and an old one rediscovered.


186 Fifth Avenue (Next to Sackett/Berkley Place)

The first Brooklyn location of Konditori (there is also one in Manhatten on the lower east side, but I’ve never been), opened in January. It took us a while to discover it as a place for writing and work, because it always looked so busy. However once we started coming here, we discovered it’s the kind of place where if you don’t mind squeezing, you will fit. Also the wonderful employees and owners, as well as fellow customers will make it as easy as possible for you to find a place. The people who work at Konditori, and those who run it are very friendly and kind. It is open till eight at night, which is definitely a bonus.  It has great light and is a wonderful work environment. I particularly like working at the large, shared, front table. They are very laptop friendly, have free reliable wi-fi, and an Ipad that anyone can use on the main table. They also have a typewriter on the wall in a box The coffee is good, particularly the Swedish roast and the cappuccinos. Also after 3, almond croissants are 1$ and bagels are 50 cents. Both are delicious. I also really like the honey camomile cookie. They also subscribe to the New York Times.


240 7th Avenue

Run by the same people as the one on fifth, this location opened less then ten days ago. It is much like the first in terms of decor, a big table, little tables, exposed brick, rough wood, light. It is however much bigger then the first location, which is nice. There is a lot more space, a lot less squeezing, and it does not have the same slightly claustrophobic feel most places in New York have (including our apartment). They even have a semi private, but open to the public, back room. It has the same good coffee, food, etc, just with more space. I can think of few places that are better to work, or write.

Cafe Regular (Du Nord)
158 Berkeley Pl (between 6th Ave & 7th Ave)

One of the cutest places to write. Cafe Regular is beautiful inside, with great decorations, paintings, and a wonderful ceiling. It also has internet access. However it is small, and while the window seats look very cute, there are only two of them and they are not terribly comfortable to sit in for a longer period of time. None of the other seating is very functional. The coffee is good though, the beans are exceptional and they offer discounts for teachers (how nice!) and Coop members (although you can’t combine, otherwise I would get 15% off, instead of just 10%). The employee’s are the tipping point, they are some of the least friendly people I have ever met. On several occasions, even when it is busy, I have caught one employee listening to his headphones.

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