Incident Reports from the Vanishing

My second chapbook, Incident Reports from the Vanishing is forthcoming sometime this summer. I do not exactly know when as there has been some art delays, but there has also been some elements of the work progressing ahead of schedule. I want to be as realistic as possible about expectations and preparations but I am also properly excited.

My publisher is Hyacinth Girl Press which is a wonderful Pittsburgh based press edited by Margaret Bashaar.  They have published many of my favorite chapbooks in recent years including Zoonosis by Kelly Boyker and First Wife by Laura Madeline Wiseman.

This chapbook Incident Reports from the Vanishing is entirely made up of poems about a possible apocalypse. If you are at all curious about the tone or content of the chapbook you can read the title poem in Reprint Magazine.

The chapbook is a part of my much longer 75% complete manuscript tentatively titled Counted Among the Dead (although for a long time it was called Seven Golden Lampstands). It is strange because when my first chapbook Victims of Ted Bundy: Washington State (which you can buy here) came out, I was also 75% complete with that manuscript at the time. But the Victims chapbook was accepted before any of the poems in it were published. Thankfully the turn around time on Victims was slow enough that by the time it came out a number of the poems had found homes in literary journals.

This time well over half of the poems were published before the chapbook came into being and found a home. Which was a very different process. Also some of these poems I have been working on a long time, one of them I even wrote over a decade ago, when I was still an undergraduate majoring in history and classics. All of the Victims poems were written in the same year.

This chapbook is very important to me because I believe that the poems it contains are ideally intended to be read together, in the order they are placed in these chapbooks. While all of these poems do hopefully stand on there own, I have always thought of them as one part of bigger picture. I have always thought of the apocalypse poems I wrote as an anthology. Each one written by a different person at a different time, to reflect how they felt about the changes occurring around them.

I should be posting more on the site as the chapbook approaches publication and I will be announcing readings and such, so stay tuned.


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