The Victims of Ted Bundy: Washington State and Oregon

“If there ever was a sharp-edged blend of investigative journalism and poetry, this is it. The writing of these spare poems meant the reading of hundreds of pages of police reports, interviews, site visits from Florida to Washington, etc. Most poets write of themselves. Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson writes of and for others, in this case the victims, who can’t speak for themselves, of the serial killer Ted Bundy. ” – Thomas Lux

These poems tell the stories of victims who always seem to exist within those moments they go missing. These victims remain in limbo – their bodies often lost or unburied.”– Mary Dockery, Stone Highway Review

These minimalist poems take the reader to a raw, uncomfortable place. They do what great poems are supposed to do: They suggest.” – Daniel Shapiro

I spent two years researching and writing about women who cannot be known. I have police reports, with names and numbers, blackened out. I have been to Florida and Washington State in search of photographs and interviews. This is as close as I can get. The following poems are a small part of a larger collection that is journalistic in tone and focuses on the intervention of horrific events into everyday lives. The writing presents evil initially as an anonymous force of nature that slowly evolves into a specific perpetrator.  The perpetrator is Ted Bundy.  Many know Ted Bundy, the serial killer, however, the names we should remember are those of his victims.

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