Complete List of Publications



The Gift, Dust Poetry Magazine, April


A Side of Sleep Deprivation, The Fiddlehead, January

One More Mile, Two Thirds North, March

The Love of My Life is a Soft Plum in the Mouth, Jelly Bucket, July



Comfort, The Island, New Critique, June

In the Absence of Moon, The Cardiff Review, July

Morning without School, Air/Light, October

Dusk, Ghost City Review,  December

Dodging the Rain, What We think We Know, December



Abecedarian Written Under the Influence of Anniversary, Thimble Magazine,  March

Sun, Heavy and Sweet, Dust Poetry Magazine, June


Pandemic Spring 2020, Crossings: A Journey to Easter, Imago: Canadian Bible Society, March (Art Exhibit Catalogue), March

Unpeeling An Orange in the Future, Kithe, July



Space Between Us, Love in the Time of Covid, February

Outside the Door, A Universe, Shallows of Sleep, In the House of Others, Without Them, Wraparound South, March

Time Conflated Like Distance in a Photograph, Shovel for Two Years Without Small Talk, Stone Magazine, August

Written Between Broom Sweeps, Sylvia, August

Nine Facts I Rarely Reduce to Words, Typehouse Magazine, September


Nine Facts I Rarely Reduce to Words, Typehouse Magazine, September.

Enemies Without Benefits, The Ending Hasn’t Happened Yet, Sable Books, December (Anthology)



After the Full Moon, an Egg Cracked Open, Self Half Seen, Between the Laundromat and the Nail Salon, Stay Journal, January (Self Half Seen Nominated for the Best of the Net 2020)

Home in Movement, My Disability has a Name, Sauk Mountain, Lunate, January

Hey Death, Four Rows of Seat, The Collidescope, February

Absence as Blessing, Ligeia Magazine , April (Nominated for the Best of the Net 2020)

The Cloth and What it is Cut From, Cumberland River Review, August

2009, March 30th 2020, We are Becoming New, The Luxury of Staying Put, Love in the Time of the Coronovirus, Poetry and Covid, September

We Fail Language, Storyscape, September.

Off Queen, Near the Senator, The Racket, November

Nothing Feels Tame Around the Outer Edges, The Sock Drawer, December


No True Dark, Plainsong, July

Oh Love, The Black Rabbit Review, July



The Age of an Oak, Yes, Poetry, April

Untrustworthy Clocks, 805 Lit +Art, October ((Nominated for the Best of the Net 2020)

Fellow Child, Dearest Friend, Jam & Sand, December


Daughter Octopus, Foilet & Wing, June (Anthology)

Limited Language, Soundings East, June



The Things We Live and The Things We Don’t, Pittsburgh Poetry Review,  February

The Root of Everything is Blood, Aftermath of Glorious, THE BOILER, March

The Letter I Write My Child, The Pangolin Review,  March

Blanchard Mountain, USA, Juke Joint, March

Harvey,  Cider Press Review, April

Attraction by Prophecy, Yes, Each Man is A Tower of Birds, Between the Sleet and Light, Sidereal, May

Twenty-Five, Blanket Sea Magazine, July

29 Euphemisms for Death, Cosmonauts Avenue, July

Bow-Edison After the Rains, Gone Lawn, July

A Common Trap, The Maynard, October

Poem for the gods, Dear Emily Post,  The Ham Free Press, December


Interior Person, No Lingering Light, Form, blank spaces,  June (Form nominated for the pushcart prize)

Tracks, The Peidmont Journal, July



Burial, Chiron Review, June

Portrait, Cirque, July

Neutral Territory, Clover, August

Introduction to Composition, Banshee, September

The Yard, Backlash Press, September

Cardio Noncompaction, Blood & Thunder, October

You Gave Me Madness, Pirene’s Fountain, October

In Bloom, The Anglican Theological Review, November

Not an Insomniac, Barrow Street Journal, November


Named or Un Named, Moonsick Magazine, January

Sometimes You Must Be Gone, Ovenbird, January

Measuring for Hours, Literary Mama, February

One Week, Little River, March

A Retrospective, The Vanished are Sometimes Mountains and Electra, Nukumanu, Menacing Hedge, April

Life Story with Night, The First Eviction, The Year of Rain, Dodging The Rain, June

January Storm, The Santa Ana River Review, June

The Tent, Rust + Moth, June

Green Kitchen, The Deep Valley Review, June

Holy, The Love of My Life Makes Hot Soup, The Penn Review, June

Clocks are Circular, The Love of my Life is Making Coffee, Clear Poetry, June

10 Things That are Missing from my Current Self, Highfields, The Adirondack Review, Febuary

Earl Gray in Handcuffs, Ode to Ritual, Spider Mirror Journal, December



Autobiography in Gig Harbor, Holy Holy, Columbia Colleges Literary Review, March

Salmon, Tar River Poetry, May

Commit To Your City, The 2015 Poetry & Place Anthology,  Close Up Books, May (Reprint, Anthology)

Beacon NY, SLAB, May

Lineage, The Chronicles of Eve, Paper Swans Press, June (Reprint, Anthology)

The 31st, New York at Night, Willard and Maple, December


Weekday Swim, Sweet Tree Review, February

Sterilized in Memory, Early Valley Summer, Cake and Grapes, April

June in August, By&By, July

Echo Body, Companion, Les Reves des Notre Ours, July

All of Us Ramblers Now, Wraparound South, July

The Damned, Fragrance Lake, Longitude-Latitude, Yellow Chair Review, September

This Craving, November Bees, November

My Body A Flock, Lit.Cat, November

The Failed Magician, Two Flights Away, The Accumulated Missing, The Literateur, December

Scheduled Exodus, Sacramento, Piedmont Journal, December

Interviews and Essays

Caitlin Thomson Gives Advice on Setting Realistic Goals (Interview excerpt with Jeramie Herrara)

Writing for Fulfillment, Literary Mama (Personal essay)



The Wilds, A cappella Zoo, February (Winner of the Apospeciman award)

Alternative Parenting, Menacing Hedge: AWP Edition, April

Small Burdens, Till The Tide, Sundress Publishing, April (Anthology)

Deer, The Guts, The Lonely Crowd, May

Territory Prayer, Maverick Duck Press, September (Chapbook)

Missionaries, Eleven Eleven, September

Quilt Map, Interpreter’s House, September

Invisible Morning, Noisy Water: Poetry From Whatcom County, November (Reprint, Anthology)


Alternative Parenting, As Light Into The Mountains, Fort Worth, and Relic, Menacing Hedge, January (Alternative Parenting nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology)

The Luxury of Death, Space is Not Equal to Y or X, Poetry Pacific, February (Reprints)

Faith in the Past Tense, The Lonely Crowd, February

 Tithe, The Church Around The Corner, The Boiler, March (Tithe nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology)

Young Neighbors, OxMag, March

Pilgrimage, A Quiet Courage, April

Dinner Out, Weekend Morning, Innovate, April

Bronxville NY, Pretty Owl Poetry, September

Reviews and Articles

Review of Incident Reports by Christopher Frost, Neon Magazine, January

Review of Incident Reports by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Infoxicated Corner, March



Anonymous, Menacing Hedge: AWP Print Edition, February (Reprint)

Exchange Rates, The Alarmist, March

Soft Tissue, Three Tricks, The Hartskill Review, April

Small Tombs, Perceptions, June

Incident Reports, Hyacinth Girl Press,  August (Chapbook)

Preoccupation, The Sentential Literary Quarterly, July

An Evening Full and Winter Fire, Poetry Now, August

The 2014 Poetry Marathon Anthology, November (Editor)

Unraveling,The Floating Bridge Review, November (Reprint)

Poet, Amsterdam Quarterly Review: Yearly Anthology, December


Invisible Morning, Collapse, Radar, January

In Green Ink, The Cascadia Review, March

Congregation, Green Briar Review, June

Poet, Amsterdam Quarterly, September

Soft Tissue, Hartskill Review, December

Reviews and Articles

Review of Incident Reports by Kelly Boyker, Menacing Hedge, October

The Story Behind Preoccupation, Compose Journal, January



Chinese Tallow Tree, Composed, Paper Nautilus, December (Nominated for Best Indie Lit New England)

Unraveling, Pea River Journal, December

Askew, Bellow, September

The Saint Ann, Box Living, Metric Conversions: Poetry of Our Time, September

Gym, Notes From Kitimat, Clover, July

Lessons, Echolocation, April

Space Does Not Equal X or Y, The Literary Review of Canada, April

Teaching A Post Lunar World, The Best of A cappella Zoo, April (Anthology)

Commit to Your City, The Luxury of Death, Dearest Chameleon,
A Narrow Fellow, April


Apposed, Cactus Heart, December

Invasion, New Linear Perspectives (NLP), November

The First Night, The Far Field, October

Preoccupation, San Andreas, Compose, October

Our Sincerest Condolences, Alliterati, September

Alternate America, Decades Ago Now, Bare Root Review, June

In the Lane, July Harvest, Northwind, April

Dearest Chameleon, A Narrow Fellow, April

In Memory Of W.H. Auden, Two Words For All, February

Reviews and Articles:

 A Review of Bestiary, A cappela Zoo’s Anthology by Jade Blackwater, May 13th

A Visual Poem Experiment, an article on Poem & Image by j.i. kleinberg



Red Bungalow, The Moth, December

The St Anne, Ephemera, October

Do You Have A Light?, EDGE, September

House, The Adroit Journal, June

Out in The War, Patience, Black Lantern Publishing, May

Firefly, Liner Magazine, May

Home in Usk, The First Night, Labletter Annual, April

Knock at Noon, Conium Review, February


Academics of the Apocalypse, Penumbra Madrid, December

Vegetarian, ESL, Commas and Colons, December

Box Living, Burningword, October

Now I Know Better, The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles, October

Collector, In Light, Daybreak, Menacing Hedge, October

Home in Usk, The First Night,The Labletter, June

Cowboys of the Apocalypse, Reprint Poetry, June (Reprint)

In Dust, Anenome Sidecar, February

Petty Crimes, Punchnel’s, February

Summoned, Ditch Poetry, January (Reprint)

Incident Reports: The Vanishing, Reprint Poetry, January (Reprint)

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet (Review), Poets & Writers, January

Reviews and Interviews

Home In Usk, The First Night, in Labletter Annual, reviewed by Cara Bigony for Literary Magazine Reviews, November

Poet pays precise homage to the Northwest Victims of Ted Bundy, Bellingham Herald, June

Victims of Ted Bundy (Interview with Rebecca Loudon), Menacing Hedge, April

The Conium Review: A Knock at Noon, Stone Highway Review, April

Victims of Ted Bundy: Review, Stone Highway Review, February

Reading and Interview, The Conium Review Podcast,  January



Denise Naslund, Eleanor Rose Naslund, Killer Verse, Knopf, October (Anthology)

Victims of Ted Bundy: Washington State and Oregon, Jeanne Duval Editions, October (Chapbook)

A Post Lunar World, Going Down Swinging, October (Reprint)

Katherine, The Literary Review of Canada, September

Teaching A Post Lunar World, A Cappella Zoo, September

The New Proust Questionnaire, Minor Irritants, Megnapoets, July

Sunday, Welter, May

Lynda Healy, The Lineup, May


Nike, The Medowland Review, December

She Talks to Herself and Nothing, The Atticus Review, November

Donna Manson, Jane Curtis, Susan Elaine Rancourt, Roberta Kathleen Parks, Brenda Ball, Georgeann Hawkins, Janice Anne Ott, Anonymous, Menacing Hedge, October

Other Lovers Letters, Whale Sounds, October (reprint)

Teaching A Post Lunar World, A Cappella Zoo, October

Cowboys of the Apocalypse, Stone Highway Review, September

Incident Reports: The Vanishing, Going Down Swinging, July (Reprint)

A Mutiny of Mugs, Underneath the Juniper Tree, June

Other Lovers Letters, Abundance, Fall, Order, Softblow, June

Summoned, The Planet Formerly Known as Earth, May

Aspen (Populous Tremuloides), Misjudge Your Limits, April



A Month at the Met (Article), Imago Newsletter, October

At Sailors Delight, Take Warning, House, Imago Newsletter, October

Japanese Maple, The Toronto Quarterly, October


Incident Reports: The Vanishing, Neon, September

These Words, Short, Fast, and Deadly, September

Prognosis, The Watcher, Right Hand Pointing, September



The Caves of Lascaux, Imago Newsletter, Winter 2007

10 for Tacoma, Under the Poet Tree: An Anthology, Pushcart Press, 2006 (Anthology)

Lull, The Hart House Review, 2005

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