Below is a selected list of publications of Caitlin’s work in anthologies, and literary journals, as well as reviews and interviews. You can click here to view a complete list.

Work You Can Read Online:

New York Before Love, The Woolf, (Nominated for The Best Small Fictions Anthology 2022)

After the Full Moon, an Egg Cracked Open, Self Half Seen, Between the Laundromat and the Nail Salon, Stay Journal,  (Self Half Seen nominated for the Best of the Net 2020)

The Cloth and What it is Cut From, Cumberland River Review

Absence as Blessing, Ligeia Magazine (Nominated for the Best of the Net 2020)

Attraction by Prophecy, Yes, Each Man is A Tower of Birds, Between the Sleet and Light, Sidereal

The Root of Everything is Blood, Aftermath of Glorious, THE BOILER

The Tent, Rust + Moth

January Storm, The Santa Ana River Review

Tithe, The Church Around The Corner, THE BOILER (Tithe nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology, The Pushcart Prize)

Invisible City, Collapse, Radar

Katherine, The Literary Review of Canada

Incident Reports: The Vanishing, Neon

Selected Print Journal Publications:

Not an Insomniac, Barrow Street Journal

Space Does Not Equal X or Y, The Literary Review of Canada

Red Bungalow, The Moth


Territory Prayer, Maverick Duck Press, 2015

Incident Reports, Hyacinth Girl Press, 2014 (Sold Out)

Victims of Ted Bundy: Washington State and Oregon, Jeanne Duval Editions, 2012


Enemies without Benifits, The Ending Hasn’t Happened Yet, Hannah Soyer, Sable Books, 2022

Daughter Octopus, Foilet & Wing, Stacey Balkun, Catherine Moore, Liminal Books, 2019

The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology, 2016 (Editor)

Lineage, The Chronicles of Eve, Paper Swans Press, 2016 (Reprint)

Commit To Your City, The 2015 Poetry & Place Anthology,  Close Up Books, 2016 (Reprint)

Invisible Morning, Noisy Water: Poetry From Whatcom County, Other Mind Press, 2015 (Reprint)

Small Burdens, Till the Tide, Trista Edwards, Sundress Publishing, 2015

The 2014 Poetry Marathon Anthology, 2014 (Editor)

Box Living, The Saint Anne, Metric Conversions, Nazer Look,  2013 (Reprint)

Teaching A Post Lunar World, Bestiary: The Best of A cappella Zoo, 2013 (Reprint)

Denise Naslund, Eleanor Rose Naslund, Killer Verse, Knopf, 2011 (Reprint)

Reviews and Interviews

Review of Incident Reports by Jennifer Mackinac-Stephens, Infoxicated Corner, 2015

Review of Incident Reports by Christopher Frost, Neon Magazine, 2015

Review of Incident Reports By Kelly Boyker, Menacing Hedge, 2014

Poet Pays Precise Homage to the Northwest Victims of Ted Bundy, Bellingham Herald,  2013

Victims of Ted Bundy (Interview with Rebecca Loudon), Menacing Hedge, 2013

Review of Victims of Ted Bundy, Stone Highway Review, 2013

Reading and Interview, The Conium Review Podcast,  2013